These parts alerts are to assist owners in identifying and becoming aware of any reproduction parts that have been observed to be incorrectly manufactured or otherwise function improperly. Any known remedies to the incorrect part will be explained.
Instrument Cluster Voltage Regulators
The instrument voltage regulators for the 69 to 73 clusters are sold by various vendors. Some of them are manufactured so that the mounting bracket is actually reversed thus putting the two contacts in the wrong positions to be able to plug in the printed circuit board contacts. These brackets are spot welded to the housings making correction extremely difficult. One source has stated that he successfully opened up the housing to turn the insides around to match the proper contacts. This technique however is untested by the Registry.
One of the vendors of correct units is known to be Mustangs Unlimited, with the part number GR 512. Other vendors and their units are not known.
Properly Installed
Correct Replacement Part
Incorrect Replacement Part
Parking/Turn Signal Lamp Housings
Some reproduction parking lamp and turn signal housings are wired incorrectly at manufacture. The miswiring can vary but usually the brown ground wire and one of the other hot wires, blue or black, are swapped. This will cause a direct short to ground when the improperly wired circuit is energized, thus most likely blowing the fuse of that circuit.
The correct wiring is brown for ground (as the separate lead), blue for turn signal, and black for parking light.
Reproduction Dash Pads
There are several sources to purchase reproduction dash pads, A/C or non A/C. A 1969-1970 model is shown below. Speaking from first hand experience with installing a reproduction Dash pad for a 1970, ONLY USE a reproduction dash pad that says "Licensed by Ford". These are made from steel frames and fit just like the original pads. The other aftermarket dashpads are made from a plastic frame and the fit is horrible, to say the least. The screws don't line up, the cutout for the center vent for A/C cars is cut wrong, and the curvature of the pad does not fit the car well at all. When I tried to install a dashpad that was licensed by Ford and made from original Ford tooling, everything lined up as it should and it installed perfectly. It is well worth the price to get the good dashpad.