This is a lengthy process but easy to do. It just takes time. Patience and observation are your best tools. Before you begin, place the car where you can leave both doors open all the way. Whether your car is an automatic or standard transmission, block the wheels to keep the car from rolling. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Remember if your car is equipped with air conditioning, you will have air ducts to the registers to consider. These slip over the lower registers from the rear.
1. Remove the padded dash as outlined here.
2. Remove the instrument cluster as outlined
3. Remove the steering wheel if you have not already done so.
4. Remove the center console if so equipped.
5. If the car has an automatic transmission, move the lever all the way to the rearward and cover with a shop rag. If the car has a standard transmission, move the shifter lever to any rearward gear position and cover with a shop rag.
6. Remove the Radio as outlined
7. Remove the glove box door by removing the support cable with the stubby screwdriver, remove the inside screws holding the glove box liner and remove the liner, then remove the three hex bolts holding the glove box door to the hinge and remove the glove box door.
8. Through the glove box door opening, remove the screws holding the clips that retain the heater box adjusting cables and remove the cables from the adjusting levers.
9. Through the opening where the radio was, unplug the heater control fan switch and the illumination light. The illumination light should be plugged in to a triangular shaped three hole connector with a blue with red striped wire. In some cases this wire may be short enough to cause the illumination light socket to pull out of back of the heater controls. Just remember to push the light socket back into place later.
10. Remove the screw below the heater controls and slowly pull the heater controls straight out. Note that the adjusting cables are very stiff and you may have to work the heater controls around a bit to bring them and the cables all the way out of the cavity.
11. Go to the steering column area and remove the two screws holding the plastic cover wrapping around the main wiring harness at the center.
12. Remove the screw holding the round plastic clip holding the harness just to the left of the steering column.
13. Follow the wiring down to the headlight switch, cigaretter lighter, turn signal switch, ignition switch, flashers, and wiper switches and unplug the connectors. Be cautious with the wiper switch as sometimes this connector will want to remain connected and pull the switch apart. Try to grasp the wiper switch with one hand as you unplug the connector.
14. Follow the main harness from left to right and unplug any remaining components and remove the harness from the dash clips along the top.
15. Get a few tie strips or other means to lift and hold the wiring harness along it's run to the metal lip running along the base of the windshield.
16. Remove the bolt holding the upper end of the center support bar to the firewall. You may want to go ahead and remove the lower bolt as well and remove this piece from the dash entirely.
17. Remove the screw at the bottom of the dash holding the end of the flat thin support bracket attached to the pedal support.
18. Remove the upper bolts from the support brackets above the steering column.
19. Remove the two bolts holding the bottom of the V shaped bracket to the dash and remove the bracket.
20. Remove the three nuts holding the steering column to the dash and let it drop down. It won't drop much.
21. Remove the small screw at the center where the steering column attaches.
22. Remove the two steering column mounting bolts that are across from each other. You may have to use a hammer to knock them up and out. They are usually held in place with round spring washers. You should be able to remove the thick triangular bracket from the dash.
23. Remove the mounting bolt going in left through the side of the steering column opening that holds the bracket for the third steering column mounting nut.
24. At each end of the dash is an L shaped bracket attaching the bottom of the dash to the side. Remove the bolts mounting the dash to the bracket. Leave the bracket attached to the side. This will allow the dash to sit on top of these brackets.
25. Check to make sure all of the electrical connections, A/C vents if applicable, and mounting bolts are now removed and the metal dash should be just sitting there and able to be removed from the car.
26. Pull the dash at the steering column and slip it back and away from the steering column. Then, sitting in the passenger seat, pull the dash back and out of the car through the passenger door opening.

NOTE: Care has been taken to be as accurate as possible with this procedure. If any steps or issues have been missed, corrections will certainly be made to ensure accuracy.