The wiring schematics listed below are general schematics created for the purpose of showing just a specific group of circuits for reference and clarity while not having to sort through other wiring that might not be related. You will find that Ford used the same color codes for the same circuits throughout the years, with only minor variations. If a schematic applies to more than one year, a note will indicate that. These diagrams are of my own design and copyright laws apply. These diagrams may be viewed and copied by anyone needing them as long as it's for personal use and not for profit.

These diagrams are not guaranteed to be totaly complete or accurate however every effort has been made to ensure accuracy from existing sources and personal experience. These are for reference only. More will be added as time permits. If a schematic you need is not listed, email the webmaster at
webmaster@1970mgr for a requested section and one will be made when possible.