The Body Buck Tag, or Build Tag, was used by assembly workers to help them prepare each car for the needed options, such as holes for wires, cutouts for AC, etc. The information below is incomplete and subject to variations.
Buck Tag Locations
NOTE: The tags below have been created for reference purposes only. These cars do not exist.
415-Shift rotation number during assembly that day
10J-Scheduled date of assembly (in this case: 10-09)
63C-Denoting a Mustang Deluxe Interior
BE-Vermillion Standard Interior
0T-"0" for 1970 and "T" for Metuchen
F100000-"F" for 302 2V and "100000" the consecutive serial number
T RED-"T" for the color code red and "RED" the paint color name.
AC-Air Conditioning - LP-AMFM radio - PB-Power front disc brakes
DE-Dual Exhaust - RM-Dual remote racing mirrors
SS-Special Stripe or paint
Metuchen Buck Tag Example
F-302 2V; 100000-consecutive serial number.
63A-Standard Interior;
1-Vermillion (Calypso Coral) Paint;
214-Line rotation number
BA - Black Standard Vinyl;
AM - am/fm radio;
BTRAC - Sport Racing Mirrors
SP-Special Paint or appearance
Dearborn Buck Tag Example
San Jose Buck Tag Example
R-San Jose;
F-302 2V; 100000-consecutive serial number.
J - Grabber Blue
BW - White Standard Vinyl
63A-Standard Interior;
A -
S -
3 -
9 -
SPC - Special Paint or appearance
Buck Tag Information Chart
Grabbers were built at the Dearborn (F), Metuchen (T), and San Jose (R) Plants.
San Jose codes are not currently known.
A registered Grabber from San Jose has it's tag on the front radiator support.
  Dearborn Plant Metuchen Plant San Jose
Standard Interior 63A 63A  
Deluxe Interior 63B 63B  
Power Front Disc Brakes   PB  
Dual Exhaust   DE  
Air conditioning AC   A
Convenience Group SC    
Mirrors, color keyed dual racing BTRAC RM  
Rocker Mouldings RM    
Seat, Rear Sport Deck FDS    
Tilt Steering Wheel TW    
Space Saver Tire   CT  
Radio, AM/FM AM LP  
Decor Group IDG    
Special Paint Instructions (?) SP SS SPC
Sport Slats BL BL  
Extra Cooling Pkg   CL  
Rear Deck Spoiler RS RS  
Black Hood Stripe   TT  
Evaporative Emissions EC    
This information is not complete and accuracy may vary.
As more information becomes available, this page will be updated.