Here is one of many styles of Mustang sweatshirts. This one is made from a Jerzee's 50/50 cotton/polyester blend.
This is a very high quality long sleeved polo shirt with a Mustang embroidered logo. Call anytime during the weekday at 803 951-2223 to order any automotive logo shirts or jackets. Ask for Roberta. Also found on Ebay under the username, newautoshirts.
Here is a mug from a few years ago. I don't know if they are still around but many other styles are out there.
Straight from the Ford Muscle Parts era. Decal, window sticker, whatever. Get a piece of history and other items from Northeast Classic Ford Parts
If you want a 1970 Sales Brochure or shop manuals, try Greg's Automotive .
Here is a great looking pen to add some style to your business. Try California Mustang for this and a lot more excellent gift items.
Here is one of many year license plates I have seen. It looks great at a show. This one has the vintage 1970 look.
This is a nice 1/32 scale 1970 diecast mustang that has pull back action. It's from Welly and they come in yellow, red, blue, and white. Check your local hobby stores.

Target exclusive Hot Wheels Race Case. Also available online from Hot Wheels.

This is a nice tool chest by Waterloo. It's available at many online vendors and Ebay.

These dash caps are superb for protecting your good dash pad or for making a bad one look like new. They are molded plastic that fit very snugly and can be purchased from many Mustang and dash vendors.
These valve stem caps are sold by many online vendors as well as on Ebay.
Save your parking space with this.
Available from online vendors and Ebay.
Here is a great apparel idea.
These can be found on Ebay.
Here's a nice pewter Mustang belt buckle.
Check it out on Ebay.
Show your colors with these lights on your patio or shop
Here are some Mustang batteries
for your penlight in the glove box.
Here is an interesting accessory
even for non-smokers.