Registered Grabbers have an Assigned Registration Number after verification documentation has been provided and the information is entered into the Registry database. The information is kept private.
The Mustang Grabber Registry expresses it's sincerest thanks to those of you who have provided information about known Grabbers that have been sold in the past and lost to history, up for sale on other websites, or are now otherwise out of service. With the serial numbers of these Grabbers in the Registry database, they will at least be recorded for history. A special thanks to Canada and Norway for their contributions to the Registry database. The expressions of interest and positive comments from all over the world about the Mustang Grabber Registry and it's efforts is greatly appreciated.
What exactly is a Mustang Grabber?

There has been some confusion at times about Mustang Grabbers. Please note the following clarification. A Mustang Grabber is a 1970 Sportsroof, or fastback, that was ordered with an option called the Grabber Special Value Package. It is this option that designated a Grabber. Mustang Grabbers were painted in Grabber colors as well as Vermillion, or Calypso Coral, and Bright Yellow, often referred to as Grabber yellow but this is not the correct name for that yellow. The Grabber colors were available for all 70 mustangs however not all Mustangs painted Grabber colors were Mustang Grabbers. This seems to be where the confusion comes from. Only a Marti Report or an original invoice listing the "Grabber Special Value Package" can verify a 70 Mustang is a Grabber. Hopefully this will clarify any confusion. A more detailed explanation can be found on the
Introduction page .
How many Mustang Grabbers are left?

The answer to this question is....who knows? An Ebay auction for a Mustang Grabber posed the theory that, because there were 30 Grabbers registered in the Mustang Grabber Registry at the time, there are less than that still out there. Whether this was a sales pitch or an honest assumption, noone, including the Registry, knows how many Grabbers may still be out there. Please do not assume that the Mustang Grabber Registry ever has ALL of the known Grabbers registered. A few Grabbers are currently known to the Registry in various conditions that are not registered. These are owned by people who chose not to register for personal reasons but wanted the Registry to know of their existence. If anyone has a question about the authenticity of a Mustang Grabber, the best way to authenticate it is to get a report from Marti Auto Works and verify the options. The Mustang Grabber Registry will be happy to state if a car is registered or not through inquiries to the webmaster. The Registry will acknowledge only that the car in question is registered and no other information will be given out unless approved by the owner of the registered car.
Mustang Monthly October 2009 : "Gripping Grabber". Joel Sokolow purchases a "lost" Mustang Grabber and restores it to full life.
If anyone has an authenticated Grabber and they are going to use it to clone something else such as a Boss 302 or if they have already changed it's Grabber appearance, please consider registering the car with Registry anyway. It's a personal choice what you do with your car. Registering it here however will keep track of it's true history and whereabouts. All information about the car will be kept confidential and even off of the public members list if that is your wish.
It is happening so often that the Mustang Grabber Registry feels compelled to point out that there are ....SIGNIFICANT.... differences between the 1969 and 1970 Mustangs. Ebay parts are all over the place described as "1969/1970" including steering columns. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!! The Registry page Differences 1969 1970 showcases just some of the differences. Steering linkage, interior components, and brake components are just some of the differences. When you are looking for parts for your car, please DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Make sure the parts you are acquiring will fit your year of Mustang. The Vintage Mustang Forum , as well as other Mustang forums will help you along with the Mustang Grabber Registry.
Due to Ford's current trademark infringement actions taken against websites and businesses using the word "Mustang" in their business names, see Mustang mayhem and Hoofbeats - Ford Protecting Mustang Trademark - Mustang Monthly Magazine , the list of mustang parts suppliers on the Registry Links may change often. The list will be as accurate as time and availability allows.
Emails are being sent out that are supposedly from Ebay and/or PayPal requesting updates on your account with them. In the email, a link is given to click on to go to a page to update your account. In some cases, the emails will tell you that your account may be suspended if you don't click on the link in the email and update your account information. DO NOT DO THIS. This is a scam to get your account information. If you have a question about your accounts, log in to your accounts as you usually do and check your information that way. These emails will even come from email addresses that look like Ebay or PayPal. NEVER click a link in an email of this type. Ebay and PayPal fraud has increased dramatically. Please Be aware of this tactic. .
There are instances where someone will use pictures of other people's Mustang and present it as their own, sometimes at a rediculously low price. Beware of this practice. The internet can easily be used to falsify just about anything.
" Found Another One! "
A 1970 Mustang fastback owner who, upon reading the Registry introduction, wondered if he just may have one of the Grabbers "lost to history". He obtained a Marti invoice for his Mustang and found on the invoice, "Grabber Special Value Package". Exactly as is suspected with many Grabbers, his car had been repainted over the years, even a color change, and the stripes were not replaced. With the invoice being the only way to verify the Grabber option, he, and the Registry, might never have known. Thanks to Marti Auto Works, another lost Grabber was found. Who knows how many other Grabbers are lurking beneath a paint job? The Registry expresses it's thanks to Kevin Marti and the owner of this lost Mustang Grabber.
Regarding Cougar Eliminators
With Cougars being a sister car to the Mustang, here is some information to pass along to Cougar Eliminator owners or potential buyers. Like the Mustang Grabber, the only way to guarantee that a Cougar you may be considering is really an Eliminator is to check its pedigree by ordering a copy of the car's original invoice or its production information. Check out this link, The Eliminator Registry , to learn more about it. There are many clones out there so it's "Buyer Beware" when searching.
Special Notice : Grabber with Serial number : 0F02F162792
Bill Hamilton purchased this car new and owned it from Nov 1970 until 1992. The car had been damaged at one time and was repainted as shown in this picture. The last known location was in the state of Georgia. If you are the owner of this car, you own a Grabber and the Registry would like to hear from you. Please contact the webmaster at