My first ride in a Mustang was a 1966 GT 350 in 1969 when I was a High School Sophomore. I have been a Mustang enthusiast since then, working on some and owning a few as well through the years. Many of my friends back then owned Bosses, Shelbys, and Mach 1's when they were new. Some of the cars I have owned through the years are a 1968 GT500 Shelby, 1966 GT350H, 65 GT A code fastback, 70 351 C 4V coupe, an 84 Mustang SVO, and a pristine yellow 1970 Boss 302 I bought from the original owner in 1979. From 1970 until 2005, I had only seen in person perhaps 3 Mustang Grabbers. There were 5,120 documented Grabbers sold by Ford only in 1970. Over the years, many have been repainted without the stripes and lost to history. Only the factory invoices would verify a Grabber, showing the option "Grabber Special Value Package".

I bought my 70 Grabber in 2005 while looking for a 70 fastback to drive for pleasure. This Grabber had been painted in 2003 but without the side stripes. Only until I bought the car and researched it did I learn it was a true Grabber. The unique history of these cars intrigued me and I wondered how many are still out there. I found the stripes from Graphic Express and restored it to the condition you see here. The non-stock hood treatment was already done.

The 1970 Mustang Grabber Registry was created to keep track of the Grabbers that might still be around. Often referred to as "the poor man's Boss 302", these cars are a part of the Golden era of Mustangs. I hope my efforts will help to give Grabber owners a place to come together and appreciate owning a great piece of automotive history.