2 Piece Wheel Cover and Trim Ring. Often referred to as "DogDish Hubcaps"
6 piece per side decal kit similar to the 1969 Boss 302 stripe. No engine designation.
The Grabber stripe kit is listed in the Ford Master parts catalog as D0ZZ-632000-D. The references are shown below.
Special Note about Grabber "C" Stripe
As the Registry has gathered information and members, it seems that some original factory stripes had a small split in the middle of the fender portion of the stripe.
The aftermarket replacement stripes are solid. The Registry knows of two original Grabber buyers. One of them had the split and the other was solid.
Investigation is continuing and as more information is gathered, it will be posted here for future reference.
70 Boss Style Stripe (NOTE: This is NOT a Grabber Stripe kit.)
1 Piece Wheel Cover
Standard cover for most Mustang models.
3 piece per side decal kit similar to the 1970 Boss 302 stripe.
302 or 351 designation at top of stripe under sport mirrors.
Until recently, this stripe kit was thought to be a variation of the "Grabber" theme. A known original Mustang with this stripe kit was researched and the invoice does not list the Grabber Special Value Package as an option ordered with the car. This stripe kit was first shown as a Grabber variation in the 1981 Mustang Recognition Guide. The Mustang Grabber Registry has learned that this was an assumption made during the making of the Recognition Guide, from pictures that were compiled for the printing of the book. It is now known that this stripe kit was one of two stripe kit packages, known as the "Mustang Special Appearance Striping Kit", that dealerships received from Ford to help sell any remaining standard fastbacks if they sat unsold for too long. The regional dealerships that may have participated in this sales program are not currently known. When any further information becomes available, the Registry will be updated here. In the October 2006 issue of Mustang Monthly in the Pony Express section, you can read about it.